150 Free Shape-Shifting Sound Effects Released by Glitchmachines

By Stephen Rich|2017-10-18T13:18:22+00:00October 18th, 2017|Free Sample Packs|

In celebration of their 12 year anniversary, Glitchmachines has announced the release of Teratoma, a free music album by Ivo Ivanov paired with a sample pack of 150 sound effects.

Teratoma is a full-length electronic music album by Ivo Ivanov, brought to you in cooperation with Detroit Underground Records. We also included a royalty-free sample pack consisting of shape-shifting sound effects that are featured prominently throughout the album and only available as part of this exclusive package.

Teratoma took 2.5 years and 1800+ hours to complete and features forward-thinking technical and creative concepts cultivated over the course of more than two decades. We have included some of Ivo’s detailed production notes as well as the high-resolution 24bit WAV files, mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities. Standard 320kbps mp3 files compatible with your favorite media players are also included. The sound effects pack features 150 24bit/96kHz WAV files.

You can download the album + sample pack at Glitchmachines (requires add to cart).

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