GratuiTous Releases Continuance FREE Serum Soundbank

By Stephen Rich|2017-11-28T09:14:04+00:00November 28th, 2017|Free Synth Presets|

GratuiTous has announced the release of Continuance, a free Serum soundbank containing 25 basses, leads, pads, plucks and synths.

This time around I tried to focus more on bass sounds.. for some reason I find creating bass sounds boring, so I gotta find a new way to keep myself motivated to learn the tricks of creating effective, unique, and powerful basslines.

There’s a lot of potential in this bank – I found myself really enjoying playing chords with the different lead presets.

Also, as I was sound designing, I randomly created these two sound FX presets which I thought would be a cool addition to the bank!

Continuance free Serum soundbank is available for instant download at GratuiTous website.

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Stephen Rich
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