Infected Sounds Releases FREE Disco Polo VST Synthesizer Plugin

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Infected Sounds has announced the release of Disco Polo, a free synthesizer VST instrument plugin for Windows.

Disco Polo virtual synthesizer is based on two morph oscillators with 16 waveforms each, octave, semi and finetuning. It features FM and ring modulations, 2 LFO’s with depth speed phase sync, white/pink noise generator, portamento with legato and slide mode. Further, it sports 2 filters with 4 filter types and typical controls like cutoff and resonance, drive for the first oscillator and a “fattener” setting.

For a free virtual synthesizer, Disco Polo is very complex, I won’t cover all its aspects, but it worth also mentioning the routing matrix and the three inbuilt effect modules, namely chorus, equalizer and decimator. Maybe the only drawback is Disco Polo is available only for 32-bit architecture, but the author promises a 64-bit version in on the way.

Disco Polo is suitable for all kind of EDM music styles and comes with a varied preset library of 96 sounds including basses, leads, plucks and pads.

Download the free synthesizer at Infected Sounds (2.14MB, registration not required).

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