FREE Auxiliary Percussion v1.1.1 SFZ Instrument

Composer Michael Picher has released Auxiliary Percussion v1.1.1, a free SFZ instrument for Plogue’s free Sforzando plugin for Mac or Windows.

If you’re looking to expand your percussion section with a few extra odds and ends, Auxiliary Percussion might be the answer. This collection includes 5 woodblocks, 3 claves & sticks, 3 triangles with hit & roll versions, 2 tambourines, and 2 shakers.

​The library features up to 4 round robins, natural releases (including the ability to dampen the triangles), as well as looped triangle rings and tambourine and shaker shakes. All samples are recorded in 48 kHz/24-bit, Mono.

The instrument works with Plogue Sforzando SFZ player, which can be downloaded for free here.

You can download the Auxiliary Percussion v1.1.1 SFZ library on Michael Picher’s website.