VOICE - Custom Vocals for Your Tracks

Function Loops has launched VOICE, a brand new service offering custom-made vocals for your music.

Here’s how it works: the producer sends a track to Function Loops team, and they’ll write original lyrics and produce exclusive acapellas that can be used royalty free in any kind of project.

There are three plans to choose from:

  • “Hook/Chorus” – chorus & vocal hook, original lyrics, backing vocals (if needed);
  • “Half Acapella” – 1 minute acapella, original lyrics, verse & chorus, harmonies, backing vocals;
  • “Full Acapella” – complete acapella, original lyrics, two verses, chorus/hook, bridge, harmonies, ad libs, backing vocals.

All plans include dry and wet versions, also you can choose English or Spanish as prefered language. The vocal material can be used in commercial projects, releases, licensing etc. – you have 100% control over them.

Listen below some vocal examples:

VOICE plans start at $99.

More information at Function Loops VOICE.


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