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By Stephen Rich|2018-08-03T16:03:07+00:00August 3rd, 2018|Free VST Plugins|

Sampleson has announced the release of Electrix, a free piano instrument plugin built after a rare electric piano used by Led Zeppelin in some of their hits.

Electrix reproduces Hohner Electra Piano T, instrument that can be heard in “Stairway to Heaven”, “Misty Mountain Hop”, “No Quarter” and “Down by the Seaside”.

Where it all begins. Hohner created The Electra Piano T in the early 70’s and was followed by other electric piano manufacturers. It uses forks struck by hammers, and electronically converts vibrations transmitted to a transistorised amplifier.

Sound can be described as a half-way between Rhodes and Wurlitzer, but with a vintage dirty touch.

Sampleson says Electrix is the result of more than 1200 hours of development and testing. The original main sound, noises, releases, tines, resonance and effects have been carefully integrated into a serious dynamic range instrument.

Electrix supports native 64-bit and is perfectly balanced to fit into any professional mix. It is available for Mac and PC, with VSTi, AU and Standalone versions included.

You can download the free piano instrument at Sampleson (donations are accepted).

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