Image-Line Launches FL Studio Version 20.0.4 with Improved CPU Performance

By Stephen Rich|2018-09-13T05:54:53+00:00September 13th, 2018|Music Production News|

Image-Line has launched version 20.0.4 of their digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows and macOS, FL Studio.

FL Studio version 20.0.4 introduces significantly improved CPU performance plus you can now transpose multiple Instrument Channels or Patterns.

Here are all changes and improvements:

  • Improvements to CPU usage – Especially in complex projects, where mixer tracks are routed to others, and threaded processing is on, you will notice significant improvements to CPU usage.
  • Patcher – More improvements to CPU usage!
  • Transpose patterns and channels in semitones – There is a ‘Transpose’ pop-up for selected Channels from the Channel Rack Options Menu, Patterns – in the Picker Panel (Right-Click menu) or from the Pattern Menu.
  • Mixer – Added ‘Delete’ item to the effect slot menu in the mixer.
  • Playlist – Chop Audio Clips in 8th and 16th note divisions.
  • Playlist – Consolidated audio now shows above the consolidated (and muted) track in the Playlist.
  • Browser – Open a sample or plugin from the browser without showing the
  • Channel window by holding the (Alt) key.
  • User data folder – Can now be reset to the default value, in the File Settings.
  • Diagnostic tool – User data location is shown in reports (found under the Help menu).
  • Icons – New FL Studio 20 Application Icon.
  • ZGE Visualizer – Maximum layer count increased from 50 to 100. New ‘Solo layer’ feature to quickly test a single layer

More info and demos at Image-Line.

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