Soundemote Labs Releases FREE Rhythm and Pitch Generator (VSTi)

By Stephen Rich|2018-10-10T18:21:14+00:00October 10th, 2018|Free VST Plugins|

Soundemote Labs has announced the release of RaPG, a free rhythm and pitch generator plugin for Windows and macOS.

RaPG is an analog-style arpeggiator that can be run at audio rate for a quirky sound generator or locked to a tempo to generate inspiring melodic and rhythmic phrases based on a seed-based random sample-and-hold.

Features Robin Schmidt’s TriSaw morphable oscillator which can be morphed (not crossfaded!) into tri, saw, square, sine, anti-sine, and everything in between, giving tones that range from chiptune squares to warm analog saws.

In the video below, the author explains each section of the plugin.

RaPG is available as VST plugin for Windows and macOS. In order to receive a free copy of it, you will have to subscribe to Soundemote Labs newsletter.

More info and download on the Soundemote Labs website.

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