Plugin Boutique Launches SoundSpot Black Friday Sale and £1/$1 Exclusive Deals

By Stephen Rich|2018-11-14T15:09:46+00:00November 14th, 2018|Music Production News|

Plugin Boutique has launched SoundSpot Black Friday Sale, offering discounts up to 90% and £1/$1 exclusive deals on effect plugins from the same developer.

SoundSpot kick-start this year’s Black Friday Sale with an array of their amazing selected products. Their range of plugins includes creative effects, compressors and mastering tools. Below is the list of discounts:

*prices include VAT (where applicable)

That’s not all! The discounts go up to 99%, resulting in a set of 9 effect plugins that can be yours for £1/$1 each. Basically, with $9 you have all the tools you’ll need in a project:

*prices include VAT (where applicable)

The sale is valid for a limited time. More information at Plugin Boutique.

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