Mini-T70 FREE Kontakt Instrument

Sonus Instruments has announced the release of Mini-T70, a free Kontakt instrument featuring a sampled Casio MT-70 keyboard.

Simple. Intuitive. Music creation has to be.

It’s #foundryfriday everybody, and we thought we’d offer a little taster of one of our premium instruments currently in development.

Like all our instruments, the interface is simple. Like your Grandma’s Minestrone, there’s nothing in it that doesn’t need to be in it.

Like we always say, if it requires a manual to get started, it’s too complex, but we had to fill this description with something halfway intelligent, so you got a bit of a breakdown of the bits and pieces.


  • 98 Mono samples at 24bit 48kHz
  • Choose between, raw or noise reduced samples
  • 29MB download size

Mini-T70 requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above (free Kontakt Player isn’t supported).

More info and download at Sonus Instruments.