Mechaniano Kontakt Instrument Is FREE for a Limited Time

Atom Hub has announced that its Mechaniano Kontakt instrument is free for a limited time via Kontakt Hub.

Acoustic tones of an old piano mangled together with synth samples and metal objects sampled outside in a town park. The result is a nice little instrument capable of melancholic, deteriorated sounds reminding untuned piano, marimba, metallophone, or music box. Mechaniano comes handy anytime you need something imperfect, rusty-sounding and of a piano nature. Regards to all the steampunk lovers!

What´s in ? Some patches names: Bamboo Forest Shelter, Bones And Caves, Bottles In A Dead House, Cellar Piano, Ceramic Marimba, Dark Forest, Deteriorated Gong, Green Memories Piano, Growing Metals, Hallucinations, Lonely Piano, Music Box Of The Lost Childhood, Old Times In The Circus, Pan Flute Alike, Retarded, Tinnitus, Tremens, Wind Piano, Crystal Meditation, Gamelan Relatives, Desperate Mono Piano, Static Glass Piano…

Mechaniano library works in Kontakt full version 5.8.1 and above (Kontakt Player will load it in Demo mode).

More information: Kontakt Hub


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