Ocean Swift Releases QuirQuiQ FREE Kick Drum Synthesizer

By Stephen Rich|2019-01-02T14:56:25+00:00January 2nd, 2019|Free VST Plugins|

Ocean Swift has announced the release of QuirQuiQ, a free kick drum synthesizer (VSTi) for Windows.

QuirQuiQ (pronounced: “Quirk Kick”) is a punchy kick synth that fits in your shuttlecraft or in your pocket with a big sound and tiny CPU footprint. It utilizes digital envelopes allowing for precise control – presented in a clear, resizable vector interface.

Slam the dancefloor with sharp and pounding kicks, ooomph away with long breathy thumps, go for a grungy and snappy sound or find just that right balance that is perfect for your track.

QuirQuiQ is capable of sharp tones, deep tones, noisy kicks, clean kicks. To familiarize yourself with the plugin, you can start right away with one of the included presets.

In order to download QuirQuiQ VSTi, you will have to register on their website.

More information: Ocean Swift QuirQuiQ

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