SMI Music Releases Trap E.Piano FREE Virtual Instrument

By Stephen Rich|2019-01-05T18:48:22+00:00January 5th, 2019|Free VST Plugins|

SMI Music has announced the release of Trap E.Piano, a free virtual instrument for macOS and Windows.

Trap E.Piano is based on another SMI Music product, the SMI Player – commercial ROMpler created with Maize Soft. It brings a piano preset that can be “altered” with a series of parameters such as amplitude, glide, pitch, LFO depth/rate, reverb etc. These characteristics along with three velocity layers, make Trap E.Piano an attractive instrument for those looking for a simple piano plugin.

You can download it now in VST & AU plugin versions for Windows and macOS (add to cart required). SMI Music is also running a 50% off sale on all their plugins until the end of February.

More information: Trap E.Piano

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    id like this plugin and more plz

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