VSTBuzz Announces 26 Awesome Virtual Instruments up to 90% off During Synth Week!

VSTBuzz has launched Synth Week, offering huge discounts up to 90% off on virtual synthesizers, expansions and courses.

The promotion comprises some popular synthesizers, including the sought after VirtualCZ, Sektor, SynthMaster and SynthMaster One. Here is the complete list of discounts:

  • 50% off Syntorial by Audible Genius
  • 90% off Sektor by Initial Audio
  • 88% off Hybrid 3 by Air Music Tech
  • 85% off Vacuum Pro by Air Music Tech
  • 84% off Serum Course Bundle by ADSR Sounds
  • 80% off Wiggle by 2nd Sense Audio
  • 80% off Addiction Synth by Stagecraft
  • 77% off Dark KZ by Beatskillz
  • 75% off The Riser by Air Music Tech
  • 74% off Omnisphere Bundle by Airwave
  • 72% off Neutronic & GS-2018 Synths by Genera Studios
  • 71% off Esper Synth by unEarthed Sampling
  • 70% off SEQui2R Synth by Audiofier
  • 70% off VirtualCZ by Plugin Boutique
  • 70% off System 1000M by Tronsonic
  • 70% off Tronto Trilogy by Tronsonic
  • 70% off Loom Classic by Air Music Tech
  • 64% off Dirty Modular by Samplephonics
  • 60% off Retcon – Boards Of Canada Synthesis by Audiowarp
  • 60% off GAS by Audiowarp
  • 60% off RetroSound MK100 by difficultAudio
  • 41% off Carbon Electra Synth by Plugin Boutique
  • 40% off Polar by Synth Magic
  • 40% off Synth Bundle by Rhythmic Robot
  • 40% off SynthMaster One by KV331 Audio
  • 40% off SynthMaster by KV331 Audio

The offers are valid until July 3, 2019, so hurry up and pick up your favorite virtual synthesizer now.

More information: VSTBuzz Synth Week Promotions


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