Dark Sci-Fi Landscapes

Burgh Records has announced the release of Dark Sci-Fi Landscapes and Peru Street Ambience, two new sample packs in high-quality audio format.

Dark Sci-Fi Landscapes (previously £1.99) sound effects is a new collection of 30 free sci-fi ambiances – outer space and alien sounds. Is suitable for original compositions, as well as soundtracks, basically all types of music compositions, video projects, video games, animation and YouTube videos.

Peru Street Ambience is a collection of 30 professional sound recordings of the streets of Peru. It features busy and quiet scenes with vehicles of all sizes passing on dirt streets, with pedestrians walking and talking, etc.

All samples are available in 24-bit WAV and are given royalty free. In order to get the packs, a Facebook “Like” is required to unlock the download links.

More information: Burgh Records