Creative Beat Layering with 2getheraudio RE4ORM FX and ST3REO

2getheraudio has released a creative beat layering video tutorial on their Youtube channel.

A must-know technique for all Beatmakers!

Learn to use our RE4ORM FX Audio Shape Remixer plugin, to make your beats exciting and engaging, by introducing a dirty, lo-fi, modulated layer underneath. You can also make them Wider-Than-Life with ST3REO!

Let’s watch the video:

Both RE4ORM FX and ST3REO have demo versions so you can try out. If you decide to go with the full version(s), keep in mind that all 2getheraudio plugins are as low as $10, thanks to their Pay-What-You-Want model. 10% off any purchase goes to a good cause you select at checkout.

More information: 2getheraudio