Back to School Bundle - 1,000+ Sounds for $9 Only

Function Loops has launched Back to School, a special bundle deal with over 1,000 samples, loops, MIDI’s, SFX, vocals, etc.

Going back to school? Or maybe to the studio :) No matter where you’re heading, we got something CRAZY today!

A limited-edition collection, loaded with over 1,000 production tools. Female & Male Vocals, huge MIDI collection, Kicks, Percussion, Cinematic Sounds, various FX Loops, useful One-Shot Samples, FREE bonuses and bunch of inspiration in a whopping 1.4GB multi-genre pack (100% royalty-free).

But what’s so special about it? It’s only 9$ for a limited 72 hours. After 72 hours, this collection will go off completely, you won’t be able to get it (we won’t be accepting requests to re-activate the links).

No matter the style you produce, these sounds are an essential source and will help you a lot, guaranteed.


  • 1023 files in total
  • 1.4GB unzipped
  • multi-genre
  • instant inspiration
  • 100% royalty-free

Back to School special bundle is available for 72 hours only.

UPDATE: The sales went crazy, so the server was down for almost a day. So Function Loops has extended the promotion with another 24 hours (it will end on Saturday evening GMT, Sep 07 2019) and added bonus sounds. Here’s their statement:

“We are extremely sorry, but our cart went down at the peak of our “Back To School” campaign… We never experienced traffic like this, which is GREAT, but the cart was offline for the whole night and we got swamped with emails from people trying to purchase the offer and getting an error!

We saw this in the morning and almost got a heart attack. Not funny :)

The good news – we are back online with improved code and ready to rumble! To compensate, we added another FREE BONUS, loaded with 142 loops and one-shots of live recorded and organic sounds, super useful for any genre. Right now, our limited edition collection is loaded with 1165 production tools and you can still get it for 9$ (no errors this time).

Female & Male Vocals, MIDI files, Kicks, Percussion, Cinematic Sounds, FX Loops, One-Shot Samples, Live Sounds + other great stuff in 1.6GB collection.

PLEASE NOTE: after 48 hours, this bundle is going down, forever. BOUGHT THE PACK? Simply open the download link you got from us and you will find “Organic & Live Sounds” expansion for FREE :)”

More information: Function Loops


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