Lurker Beats Free Contrast Distortion

Lurker Beats has announced the released of Contrast Distortion Plugin Bundle, a collection of two new distortion effects for plugin hosts running on Windows and macOS.

The plugins are called Contrast Distortion Mega and Contrast Distortion Mini. Lurker Beats says they’re capable of loud, crunchy and angry sounds. Both the Mini and Mega plugins use the same algorithm for the “Contrast” parameter, similar to a bit reducer/decimator. Also, these plugins are optimized for use with automation controls.


  • Contrast Distortion Mega:
    • Distortion with “Contrast” control
    • In/Out volume
    • Several filter options
    • X/Y EQ control
    • Post-distortion and Output peak meters
  • Contrast Distortion Mini:
    • Distortion with “Contrast” control
    • In/Out volume
    • 4-pole Low Pass Filter

The plugins are available in 64-bit VST2/VST3 and AU formats for Windows, respectively macOS.

More information: Lurker Beats


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