Household Percussion Vol. 1 Free Sample Pack

Caelum Audio has announced the release of Household Percussion Vol. 1, a free pack of various one-shot samples extracted from recordings of household items.

Here’s what Caelum Audio says about this pack:

In anticipation of the release of our One Loop App on the 7th of December, we are giving away some free sample packs & plugins! Here’s a demo of what can be made using the free one-shots from Household Percussion Vol. 1, with a bit of fun tweaking in your production setup. Please tag us when you use these free one-shots in any music posts, we’re @caelumaudio on everything!

Household Percussion Vol. 1 contains 60 samples of matchboxes, match strikes, bike pumps, broken bells, tape measure, computer keyboard, cans etc. They can be used to spice up drum loops, create percussion loops or even completely new sounds. All samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV format and are royalty-free.

More information: Caelum Audio Youtube