Caveman Cosmonaut Free SFZ Instrument

Karoryfer Samples has announced the release of Caveman Cosmonaut, a free SFZ instrument featuring samples captured from a Unitra B 11 transistor organ.

A totally anachronistic synthesizer made from samples of a Unitra B 11 transistor organ made in Poland in 1983. Unlike most transistor organs that just have drawbars, this one also has buttons for additional “lead” and “tremolo” waveforms, which are somewhat buzzy and annoying in an organ, but they make great raw material for an old-school synth.

Thanks to a very “un-organ” like set of controls, Caveman Cosmonaut does everything from simple organ sounds to subtractive monosynth leads, complex evolving drones, sci-fi wibbles, and pads perfect for today’s 80s music.

Caveman Cosmonaut works with any SFZ player, but the library was optimized in particular for Sforzando, which is available for free on the Plogue website. All the WAV files used were included, so you can also load them in another sampler.

More information: Karoryfer Samples