Free Clarinet Virtual Instrument

Fanan Team returns with Clarinetica, a free clarinet virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

Clarinetica is a virtual analog clarinet module that uses 4 independent 32-bit top quality waveform with incredible dynamic range, to generate 4 ethnic clarinets emulations with its own size and color.

The four presets are:

  • Bass
  • Klezmer, a clarinet instrument mainly used by Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe
  • Kavkaz – medium Caucasian clarinet
  • Vienna, a classic west European clarinet
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Clarinetica comes with a full synthesis section, 2 different MIDI velocity options, a global hi-pass/lowpass filter, built-in draw-bars system, and full automation. A full section of effects is included (saturation, chorus, phaser, tremolo, reverb, and delay).

Clarinetica is a VST instrument plugin for Windows only.

More information: Fanan Team