Image-Line Launches FL Studio 20.6

Image-Line has announced the release of FL Studio 20.6, offering more ways to create the best music possible.

FL Studio 20.6 new features include:

  • Distortion – New pedal-style plugin Distructor.
  • Improved audio Time Warping – NewTime editor.
  • Control Voltage (CV) support – Fruity Voltage Controller
  • Split Playlist Track Rendering – Export from the FILES menu
  • SoundCloud Export – Option on the export dialog.
  • Euclidean Rhythm Generator – Right-click Channel Button option ‘Advanced fill…’
  • Internal MIDI Recording – Right-click Channel Button option ‘Burn to MIDI’

As usual, the 20.6 update is free for existing customers under Image-Line’s Lifetime Free Updates agreement.

For a complete list of additions and improvements in FL Studio 20.6, please visit Image-Line website.