Waves OneKnob Wetter Reverb Plugin Is Free This Cyber Moday

Waves has announced that its OneKnob Wetter reverb plugin for Windows and macOS is free this Cyber Monday for all register users.

As the name suggests, OneKnob Wetter is an easy to use plugin part of the famous “OneKnob” lineup. It adds instant depth and dimension to any track by turning just one knob.

Waves advertise it as a quick solution for bigger vocals, drums and more, being suitable for anything from short, bright ambiences, to longer, darker reverb spaces. This reverb adds instant depth to any track, for the perfect atmosphere.

OneKnob Wetter is available in VST/AU/AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS. Once you log in at Waves, just click the “Get it free” blue button at the top. Next is a confirmation page where you will insert your email address, “I’m not a robot” checkbox and you’re good to go. Waves says your free OneKnob Wetter plugin will arrive by email within the hour, but due to the Cyber Monday rush, there may be some delays.

The free offer is valid today, December 2, 2019, only.

More information: Waves