Esfera 2 Free Virtual Synthesizer Plugin

Beat Assist has announced the release of Esfera 2, a free virtual synthesizer for Windows.

Esfera 2 virtual synthesizer has been designed for the creation of dark atmospheres, soundscape, effects, and pads. The structure consists of 3 basic FM mini-synths, each with four envelopes (amp/mod/filter/pitch), 2 filters, LFO and effects module (stereo delay, chorus & reverb). A drawable step sequencer with 16 steps is also included for each of the three synth modules. There is the “Normal” stepper which has 4 targeting options and the “Pitch” stepper that will only affect the pitch of the desired mini-synth.

Esfera 2 includes 5 soundbanks. Don’t forget to cut/paste the soundbanks at an accessible path, for example, if you install the virtual synth at C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\beatassist, you should create a folder with all the soundbanks there. Locate the soundbanks within the synth.

Esfera 2 is a VST2/VST3 plugin (32- and 64-bit) for DAWs and plugin hosts running on Windows.

More information: Beat Assist