Attack Magazine Is Offering Waves Berzerk Distortion Plugin for Free

Attack Magazine has announced that, for a limited time, is offering its readers the new Berzerk Distortion from Waves for free (plugin worth $99 will).

You may remember Berzerk, it was given for free last year during Waves Black Friday. If you didn’t get it then, now it is time to add it to your collection.

Berzerk is a creative distortion with 10 all-original distortion shapes, advanced feedback, pitch, dynamics, sidechaining and M/S options for versatile experimentation—plus the ‘Go Berzerk!’ button for randomized, unpredictable distortion madness. You can download it for free until Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Plugin versions include VST/VST3, AU and AAX for macOS, as well as VST/VST3 andf AAX for Windows. In order to download it, a Waves account is required.

More information: Attack Magazine