64-bit Version of Particle Collider SX7

Eplex7 DSP has announced the release of a new 64-bit Windows update of its Particle Collider SX7 hybrid experimental FX synthesizer.

Particle Collider SX7 is aimed at creating modern sci-fi FX sounds, atmospheric pads, robotic sounds, psytrance and psychedelic FXs, sweeps and many more. This VSTi plug-in is useful for music styles like psytrance, psycore, hi-tech, EDM, dark, industrial also film & video games productions.

All producers who have purchased Particle Collider SX7 before, have the possibility to get the update for free. Eplex7 DSP will generate a new 64-bit version for them.

If you want to purchase Particle Collider SX7, you can get it now at a time-limited discount price of €27.90 (reg. €39.90). At this moment, the plugin versions available are VST 32- and 64-bit for Windows.

More information: Eplex7 DSP