Blanka Free Exciter Plugin by AudioFusion: Bureau

AudioFusion: Bureau has announced the release of Blanka, a free exciter plugin for Windows and macOS.

Blanka is an exciter for clarity, adding presence without losing the weight of the tracks. Combined with Fatudo, these 2 tools add up to a perfect set for drums, Fatudo for kick drums and bass instruments and Blanka for higher frequency ranges.


  • 75Hz / 105Hz – Hi-pass of pre-defined frequencies, 75Hz and 105Hz.
  • Weight – Control of excitation of harmonics at low frequencies (T is purposeful)
  • Clarity – Control of excitation of harmonics at high frequencies
  • Punch – Sum of the ‘excited’ signal to the original and modified signal when passing through a sidechain in the middle of the circuit

Blanka can be used to add excitement and clarity in both mix and master scenarios.

Another cool plugin by AudioFusion: Bureau is SeteChave, a free stereo compressor plugin that adds “pumping” effect.

Blanka is available in the following formats: VST/AAX for Windows and VST/AU for macOS. In order to download it, add it to the cart and follow the requirements there.

More information: AudioFusion: Bureau