Soundethers Caleidoscope Kontakt Library Is Free for a Limited Time

Kontakt Hub has announced is giving away Soundethers’ Caleidoscope Kontakt library for free during the lockdown period.

In this extraordinary time of a worldwide lockdown many musicians must stay at home.

Here’s a free gift for all those who love to make music in their home studio.

Soundethers and Kontakt Hub wish you safety and happiness during these strange times. We hope you enjoy the release.

Caleidoscope library contains keys, pads, multis, live vocal performances, and fields. As a special feature, when you use the mod wheel, all keys turn to delicate lo-fi pads, also all pads and multis transform into rhythmic pulses. Perfect for chillout, downtempo, ambient music, IDM and other similar genres.

Caleidoscope works with a full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above. In the Player version of Kontakt, it will perform in demo mode.

Another great ambient library free during lockdown is Indiginus Copernicus; it has been designed for slow and thematic playing, which make it suitable for cinematic and film/game makers.

More information: Kontakt Hub