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Every day, here at FLStudioMusic we present the latest music production news. Stay informed and updated with what’s new in the industry.

We felt the need to add this section of commercial news (despite the fact that we are a site of freebies). Because many developers offer sound packs or plugins at more than reasonable prices.

This archive contains all music production news we featured on our website. Read the most recent commercial sample packs, collections and MIDI files, the latest news regarding instrument and effect plugins, but also the latest music software. Resources suitable for a wide range of music styles such as EDM, hip-hop, electronica, pop, trap, dubstep, trance, house, etc.

Here you find high quality commercial products – affordable and accessible products. But also huge discounts, sale campaigns, promotional products and limited-time freebies. This section will grow over time, don’t forget to bookmark this page or visit frequently.