Mode Audio has announced the release of Dive, a collection of various loops, one shots and MIDI files aimed at EDM, house and techno music productions.

You feel it in the pit of your stomach first, the vibrating tension and excitement creeping up through your body as the bass kicks harder and the synths snarl from those huge, towering monitors either side of the DJ Booth…the music builds and swells to breaking point, before boiling down to a deep, palatial calm and you prepare yourself for the next hit of pure sound – it’s time to pass this euphoric club experience onto your listeners and inject your music with Dive – Techno Loops!

Dive contains 120 techno loops with tempos ranging from 116 to 126 BPM. Inside you’ll find basslines, leads, chords, arps, perc synths, pads, drum loops & fills and a great selection of ambiances & SFX loops. With a set of one shot drum samples and 100 MIDI loops, Dive turns into a perfect tool for any amateur musician exploring EDM.

Audio demo:

Dive it is aimed at pro musicians too, any audio file included adds weight to any serious track.

The Drum Hits folder contains:

  • Hi Hats
  • Kicks
  • Percussion
  • Snares & Claps

The Loops (REX2), Loops (WAV) and MIDI folders come packed with:

  • Basslines
  • Drum Fills
  • Drums
  • Pads
  • SFX
  • Synths

Each loop (excepting the SFX and ambiance ones) has its corresponding MIDI file, giving more flexibility; simply accessing it, you can use the synth of choice, make variations, change the velocity etc. For beginners it is also a great opportunity to see what’s “under the hood”.

The sound is sharp! all the audio material is provided in 44.1kHz/ 24 bit quality. There are two formats available REX2 and WAV, both being perfectly compatible with FL Studio.

When it comes of usability, I see Dive this way: it helps and the result is yours- unique and original. Good or bad, it depends… the “tools” were perfect, now is your turn to show some skills :)
The loops are mainly linear with subtle and smart variations acting like a background orchestra, which is awesome. You should be the lead performer!

My favourite parts are the synth riffs and chords with their analogue feel and warmth and the funky basslines. Next come the drum lines and the pads.

A big help for beginners is the practical FL Studio installation guide in PDF format.

With this release, Mode Audio is giving away a free taster pack for all FLStudioMusic readers, the download link is below.

More info:

Dive sample pack by Mode Audio


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